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Important Information

1. If you are submitting more than one abstract you can use the same email address and password log-in for each abstract.

2. Abstracts are required for all papers and posters. Abstracts MUST be submitted online.

3. Text must be in single line spacing.

Abstracts should be completed and submitted by Friday 6 December, 2019

Guidelines for Preparing your Abstract

1. A “blind” review process will be used. Therefore please do not include authors or affiliations within your abstract document. The names of authors and their affiliations (institutions) will be submitted during the online submission process.

2. The abstract title should be typed in the “Title” box on the template, in UPPER CASE and in bold type.

3. The title should be as brief as possible, should not end with a full stop and should not include abbreviations.

4. The abstract body text should then be typed or pasted into the “Abstract” box in the template, but please do not type "abstract" at the start of the main abstract body.

5. All paragraphs should be blocked (i.e. first line not indented) and fully justified. There is no need to leave a blank line between paragraphs.

6. Times New Roman font in 10 pt size and single line spacing should be used throughout the document.

It mandatory to conform to this structure of the abstract:

Background: state why the study was done, the main aim and the nature of the study (randomized clinical trial, retrospective review, experimental study, etc.). Method: describe patients, laboratory material and other methods used. Results: state the main findings, including important numerical values. Conclusion: state the main conclusions, highlighting controversial or unexpected observations

7. Abstracts without a figure may be up to 250 words long (to include the title and main body text).

8. Use standard abbreviations where appropriate in the main body of the abstract. Place special or unusual abbreviations in brackets after the full word the first time it appears.

9. Drugs should be referred to by their approved name rather than their proprietary name.

10. The language of the conference is English and all abstracts should be prepared in English.

11. Criteria for rejection will include lack of data and lack of originality. Do not use phrases such as "the results will be discussed".

12. Whilst it is possible for an author/presenter to submit more than one abstract, these abstracts should be obviously and significantly distinct from one another, in order to merit acceptance in their own right. Closely related results from the same study should be restricted to one abstract.

13. All abstract authors are required to submit a statement of any potential conflicting interests as part of the abstract submission process. This statement will be printed in the abstract book as submitted, should be included on accepted posters and as a slide for accepted oral presenters. Provision of this declaration will be a condition of presenting at the event.

Detailed information on the submission process and abstract guidelines are available in the online submission form.


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Late Registration: 16 May 2022

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